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Services: service, restoration, restaurant in singapore consists of a set of tangible and intangible elements as different from one another, ranging from genres that are served to the material used for this task, by the brigade de dining room or the decor of the establishment. Speaking of services in catering, not only is it considered the king tasted the customer but also all the essential elements to the service and the staff are in contact with the product global is one that directly serves the customer and, generically, it is also called internal customer. This personnel must be selected and trained to perform the functions that are competent. Offers, taking into account the needs of customers with regard to the role it can play a meal are classified: a leisure food: as need to escape the routine indian restaurant in singapore of daily work. B food companies: as important to offer a product or close a sale.

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They must enjoy nutritional balance and excellent quality service. C and the ceremonies are banquets an important section in the catering sector and its purpose is to welcome and gather many guests, for family affairs weddings, baptisms, birthdays, work dinners, business, ceremonies, anniversaries or others conferences, seminars, meetings. Of all the forms restaurant in singapore of catering punt indicated in this issue, they will only serve gourmet establishments related to the commercial sector and, in particular, traditional catering. Within it, the main gastronomic offers that can a menu. B charter. C suggestions and dishes of the day.

D special. E buffet menu. Of all these modalities indicated, it will be the menu and the letter that will be treated in this chapter. The buffet, for its part, will be addressed in the corresponding chapter, hence in this topic only appears in the index script as a gastronomic offer but must be thoroughly studied. The menu is the basic offer of a restaurant. Its composition is usually varied and more or less extensive and generally groups the entire offer of the establishment. Besides the tasks inherent to their profession, such as service, sculpture and flambe operational functions, personal contact should also know your relational functions and, in the case of restoration, can be a quick and friendly attention, efficiency, honesty, etc.

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When this written list of dishes is made in homogeneous groups and each of them includes a relatively high number of dishes, it can be called a letter. The composition of the different gastronomic offers of the establishment, whether menu, cart or the like, will be made according to: the legislation corresponding to each type of establishment, which usually regulates the rules about the house menu and the number of specialties of the letter, although it should be noted that catering companies are increasingly free to more information elaborate their offers. B stocks of the kitchen and warehouse. C the supply capacity of the local market. D the economic capacity of purchase and storage of the establishment. The time of the year in which they are offered.

As far as the menu itself is concerned, it should be noted that it can offer numerous names, some of which are discussed below. The basic menu can consist of a starter, a second course and dessert. The second course indian restaurant as a rule, usually includes a meat, a bird or a fish and the price of such a menu is global; in it, also, include water or wine and bread. Only value added tax vat, which in the hotel industry is for all categories and types of establishments, may appear outside the price, a circumstance that must be expressly stated. Breakfast constitutes the first meal of the day and the catering establishments, depending on their modality, category and possibilities, offer their clients several trends: a continental breakfast: it is very common in hotels in cities and tourist areas as well as in cafes and similar.